Your participation in the Feed Memphis 5K provides the opportunity for the Memphis Dream Center to expand its reach and capacity to feed more individuals struggling with hunger, right here in our own backyard.

Memphis has been labeled “the hungriest city in America.” Every day, 1 in 4 residents of Shelby County are unsure of their next meal, and in some parts of the city of Memphis, that number is much higher. In fact, there are entire zip codes in Memphis in which 72% of the most vulnerable residents, seniors and children, are unsure of their next meal. Feed Memphis is the “vehicle” used by the Memphis Dream Center to meet the Hunger challenge in our city. Each Friday teams of volunteers at the Memphis Dream Center come together, transport food resources to six local North Memphis schools, and serve over 3200 children affected by Food Insecurity. Each child receives a bag with simple meals and/or snacks to be eaten throughout the weekend. The children are greeted with lots of smiles, encouragement, high fives, and hugs, as the food bags are handed to every child.

The Memphis Dream Center exists to restore hope, repair hurts, reshape destinies, recast vision, re-establish direction and release potential in and through those isolated and impeded by poverty, abuse, and neglect. Our goal is to meet the spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical needs of these individuals. The efforts of the Dream Center are focused not only on addressing the symptoms of poverty, but also on meeting the needs of individuals with the goal of restoring their hopes and dreams, and bringing wholeness to their life.

To that end, we are impacting four of the City of Memphis' greatest challenges: Hunger or Food Insecurity, Educational Inequality, Obesity, and Infant Mortality. Each week we provide food resources to approximately 4500 individuals through the Feed Memphis and Generous House programs, providing over 650,000 meals in 2016 alone. Through our relationship with six Title 1 Shelby County Schools, we provide support for teachers, parents, and students with tutors, mentors, weekly visits and encouragement, special events and more. The Youth Leadership Network, our after-school Literacy and Leadership program, has already seen 100% of its students increase at least one letter grade in each subject and advance in reading levels. And, with the opening of the MDC Wellness Center, we have seen hundreds of under-resourced, homeless, recovering and uninsured individuals receive: nutritional counseling, personalized exercise programs, chiropractic care, toxicity screenings, counseling, a Life Coach/mentor, pre-natal and post-natal obstetric/gynecological care, hospitalization, and delivery, and more free of charge.

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